Explanation of Lien Form:

****Note: It is a good idea to call your local police department to check and make sure the vehicle you have is not reported stolen. We cannot process liens on boats/vessels that have been federally registered- you must check to see if it has before we can process a lien.****

How did you hear about us?

We like to thank those who have passed us along, please provide us with any information you have!

Service Information

  • Service date is the date you towed the vehicle/boat and/or the date you finished work on it.
  • Service amount is the total amount owed to you NOT including storage.
  • Daily storage rate is how much you charge per day. Oregon State law say’s “a reasonable amount.” The highest rate a day I’ve seen is $40, usually the average is between $20-35 a day. If the vehicle is a trailer or boat that requires more or special storage then the amount can be raised. More or less, it is whatever your company is comfortable with.
  • We will set the start date for charging your customer storage- which is only 20 days previous to the day we send out the notices to owners as per Oregon State Law!

Additional Comments

  • Is there anything else we should know about this vehicle/person?
  • Did you value it under $1000 because it is in horrible condition?
  • Are there attorney’s involved?

Tow Companies

  • Who requested this tow?
  • Do you have the owners name and address? (If so please fill out in appropriate lines)

Mechanic Shop, Body Shop, Storage

  • Please make sure your VIN is correct! This saves a lot of time!
  • Owner requests must have a last known name and address to process lien if the VIN comes back Unable to Locate through Oregon, Washington, and California.
  • Getting a owners name and address is a great practice to get into when someone brings in a vehicle!