Timetable and Pricing


  • With access to over forty states we can usually process vehicles within 7 days of us receiving your submission the letter is mailed out (often as early as same-day service!!!)
  • Any other state, as soon as we receive DMV records from that state we will mail it to you ASAP.
  • For Vehicles valued at Under $1000, the auction date is within 30 days of the letter sent by our company.
  • For vehicles valued at Over $2500, the auction date is within 60 days of the notice sent.


  • For vehicles valued at Under $2500.00 our lien fee is only $75.00
  • For vehicles valued at Over $2500: Advertising & Certified mail fee is added totaling $175.00

**All Fees we charge you, we add into what the customer owes you - so essentially if you get paid for the bill, our services are free!!!